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    Found one for $349 shipped with only 50 rounds through it. Figured I'd add it to my armory for use deer hunting 12 hours a day in snow and ice and rain.

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    Eh, cop out.

    Hunt with an M4 Entry. =D

    I didn't like the bulk or trigger guard. Keep kicked like mule and kept biting my finger for some reason.

    Almost halfway to an M2 or Vepr!

    Oh and shoot me a message anytime you'd like to talk, I misplaced your number,

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    Recoil was mild, my finger was not bitten, and she shoots accurately. Here is a 50 yard 3 shot group, and a 75 yard single cold-bore shot (last shot before leaving the range and zeroing, after letting the weapon fully cool to ambient to check for any POI shifts.).Remington lists drop at 75 yards with a 50 yard zero as 1.4". CBS says this weapon is zeroed and that I can shoot. (I adjusted the sights 1 more click right after the 3 shot group was fired).

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    Congradulations on your new shotgun, great deal and nice shooting!


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