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    which model from Franchi is the best and why?

    thoughts on the aluminum receiver over the long haul

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    9 Oct. 17

    If you are buying the gun for targets and intend to put thousands of rounds through it a year, I would suggest the steel receiver. The extra weight isn't an issue for clay pigeon games.

    If you are buying the gun for hunting where you carry a lot and shoot a little, go with the Aluminum receiver. It is unlikely you could put enough ammunition through it to hurt it in several life times.

    I have a Renaissance 12ga. I've had it for at least 10 years and its been just fine. Its too light to be a comfortable target gun but for the couple shots require for a limit of pheasants, its great. At 70 one begins to appreciate a 6 pound gun when trying to keep up with a young dog.


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    How about the SL MODEL

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    I've never fired one but I've handled a couple in sporting goods stores. They seem well built and I suspect they may actually be an improvement on the Renaissance that I have. If I were looking for a light weight field gun, it would be on my short list. Franchi brought it out in 16ga and that will certainly appeal to a segment of the shooting world. If I hadn't bought two Brownings in that gauge last year, I'd probably be chasing one of the 16s right now. (16ga won't do anything a 12 or 20 will do but they are DIFFERENT)


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