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Thread: Thinking of buying a Condor Competition, input needed

  1. Default Thinking of buying a Condor Competition, input needed

    New user here. I'm considering buying a Condor Competition as a gift for my father in law. I have a few questions before making the purchase.

    1. I know that the quality for the earlier Condors was hit and miss. How consistent is the quality with the more recently manufactured Competition models?

    2. If you own one of the newer models, what's your current round count, and what problems have you encountered, if any?


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    I bought one a few months back had to send it back the center lever was not allowing mr to change barrels selector from over to under got the gun back in a hurry to me fixed and running fine good gun now one of my club owns one and has used it weekly for trap 100+ per week for years tell him he must allow it to brake in by shooting I would say 500 rounds then throw in a good scrubbing and lube the gun if it feels gritty

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