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Thread: M1 super 90 model information?

  1. Default M1 super 90 model information?

    I found a benelli m1 super 90 shotgun with a 21" barrel vent rib choked barrel a matte black stock with a blue web pattern. It comes with the field and pistol grip stocks and extended tube.

    Does anyone have information on this model? Possible a 3 gun package from the factory.

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    The only 3-gun factory model is the M2. If the extended tube is a one-piece from receiver to end it's an older model imported by and marked as HK. Later models imported by Benelli USA had the magazine extension as an add-on, two piece version. Even later versions didn't get imported with the extended magazine but you could still get factory extensions. The 21 inch vent rib barrel wasn't as popular as a field gun and didn't really become a thing until folks started putting them on their guns for 3-gun competition. More than likely you've found a pieces-parts gun that someone put together. Maybe. If the price is right and it isn't too beat up it'll still be a GTG gun.

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    Thanks, It has a XRail tube, so short version. Just didn't know if it was a package put together by benelli or a distributor. Barrel has large gold bead and v type express sight dovetailed into the barrel rib. Came out of a club members estate, could have grabbed it from a prize table, he defiantly ran in a some matches.

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