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Thread: It followed me home today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unobtanium View Post
    Oh no. Nothing. Don't ever touch that sling. You'll end up replacing all your BFG's.

    The BFG Vickers sling is a knock-off of the VTAC sling Kyle Lamb came out with. It's a bit lighter, but adjusting it under tension on the fly is a real PITA. The VTAC works like buttah, but it's bulky, metal hardware can ding things for those who care, and it just seems to have a lot of "fluff" hanging and swinging which a way.

    The LFT sling is absurdly light, very well made, sleeker than the BFG Vickers, and adjust just as easy as the VTAC sling, no metal hardware, super lightweight. It's literally the best, most functional, sexiest sling I've ever used on a gun. Moving forward, all my long guns which are slung, will sport this sling. The price is about $50, and it's a bargain. ESPECIALLY compared to Travis Haley's sling which is similar looking.
    Hmmm, wish I hadn't heard all that...

    I got a lot of BFG's. I got them during a good sale, so they could be liquidated I suppose for close to even maybe.

    Thanx! I think...

    <<Les Garten>> M4LE (11721)

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    I had this same sentiment with my previous M4, but with the fixed stock. I bought the c-stock and have been gathering the necessary items to pin it (for California's laws) and also to mount the Limbsaver on it. Hopefully this helps.

    The inconvenience of poor quality lingers long after the thrill of a good bargain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
    Any thoughts on what would cause that? Are the gas ports located in the same spot on the SB's as the 18.5's?
    My new M4 cycled everything except the low recoil Fiocchi 3 Gun slugs and shot. Being I like those I broke down the entire gun and lubed everything well, and also installed a softer Taran Tactical buffer spring. Not sure if the clean and lube itself would have done the trick but now she works perfectly!

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    I have a M1 Super 90 from the HK days and can convert it from a full extension tube to a cutoff cap that only allows it to hold 4 shots total, compliments of wallhanger 54. I also have a Sure Cycle that I really want to sell, but I digress. I have an ammo can of Fiocchi low recoil 7/8 ounce slugs and want to know what the best setup would be to fire them reliably. I have a 24" fully rifled Benelli branded heavy bbl and the original 18 3/4" bbl. I can use a lighter spring in the buttstock, or the longer one, and I can take off the magazine extension to just cap the mag off without any extension.

    I am leaning towards the lighter spring in the buttstock and the 18 3/4" bbl, with no mag extension to allow just 3 shots in the mag and 1 in the chamber for a total of 4 to be the most reliable for these low recoil slugs. I don't have any place to shoot these ATM, so I am going to set it up the way I think it will be most reliable, like I had just described.

    Does anyone have any other thoughts as to how this gun can be configured to operate with these low recoil shells?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Rose View Post
    Really?....We'll see about that....
    We all know it will be gone by the end of this year!

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    That's the joy of NFA items. I keep them.

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