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Thread: Benelli ULtralight ???

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    Was thinking about purchasing another Benelli, And since most of my hunting is upland...Was wondering if anyone has heard pro/cons of new Ultralight??? Thanks for your opinions!

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    I don't own an Ultra light but all my Nellie's are excellent for their intended purpose. What model Benelli do own now?I believe most everyone that owns one likes everthing about it but the recoil. If your sensitive to recoil it may not be for you.. I think some have also said the carbon fiber ribs have come loose on a few,can't say for sure.
    Why not use the search above? Its a new model as you know so you shouldn't have to look to far.
    Thats where I would start.

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    I just purchased an UL about a month ago for upland hunting. I've shot it a couple of times (100 rounds) at the local trap range. It is a well balanced (at least for me) shotgun. Definately lightweight and quick to mount. I changed the recoil pad right away to a limbsaver based on some articles that I've read from other owners. Recoil is tame using field loads. 3" mags may be a different story. I also added a easyhit sight that Tom Knapp uses. It is a much brighter bead to see than the one that comes standard on the barrel. I plan to try it on an actual hunt in January - will post results and opinion of actual field handling later.

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