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Thread: Buckshot: what choke?

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    I was just wondering if i have to have the "no-choke" choke to shoot buckshot. Or is it okay to use IC?

    How about slugs for that matter?


    - MJ

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    You can use whatever choke you want for buckshot. I suggest full.

    The general consensus is that slugs should not be shot through anything tigher than a modified choke. However, some places/people will say that only cyl bore should be used, while others swear that you can put slugs through full chokes and be just fine, and that the "slugs can't go through chokes" idea is a rumor from years past.

    I don't shoot many slugs, but if I did, I'd use a modified.

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    I recommend IC for both.

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    I get really good patterns with #4 buck and Hevi-Shot Dead Coyote T with my Rhino .660 choke. I don't know if 00 buck would pattern as well through this tight of a choke since I haven't tried.

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    I've settled on modified for both buck and slugs. Works just fine for both.

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