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Thread: Sling for M-1 field or Montefeltro

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    I am looking to see if there are any compatible sling systems that would work with either of these firearms. I would like to find something that utilizes the magazine tube cap, similar to that of the type you can buy for a remington shot gun. I am about to purchase one of these guns and I am not sure about the sling. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I use a Super-True one hand sling for my M-1. It's black, of course, but also comes in camo colors. You can usually pick one up for about $15.00.

    I also use slings from Uncle Mike's and Butler Creek and have not had any problems with those either.

    Happy shopping. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Try CQB - . Their products are great. I have the SOP Universal and it is a dream. The wider web is very comfortable. They are also available through Botach. Stay safe,

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    are you saying that your magazine tube or forend cap doesn't have the swivel for a sling..its just flat?

    Try finding a good sling for a M1s90 with 2 shot ext. That darn tactical sling setup was tough to overcome some of the time.

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    If you are getting a new gun the M-1 Super 90 comes with swivels in the cap. The Montefeltro does not.

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    I too have an M1 with a pistol grip, a CQBSolutions SOP and CQB sling . I agree totally with Tacman that the SOP is very comfortable and works well. It adjusts to my frame like a glove and is impeccably constructed. It also comes with fitting instructions and the web site has frame by frame instructions on how to use the slings. The CQB sling has a narrower strap that hangs a bit better, but not better enough for me to switch from the SOP sling. I bought mine direct and had the slings in two days. Good luck in whatever you buy,


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