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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I had a request to do a detailed pictorial on the disassembly of the Shell Stop. Removal of the Shell Stop is the same for the factory and GG&G model. In fact, the GG&G model is simply a modified factory Shell Stop. Start out by unloading the weapon and setting the ammuntion away from the work area. Field strip the M4, remove the barrel assembly, bolt carrier and trigger group. The stock may be left on. This is a view of the inside of the receiver. It shows the placement of the Shell Stop Spring. The spring is a loose fit, so you should note its position before disassembly.
  2. etale

    GG&G sling plate

    Does anyone have experience installing the GG&G model 1350 sling plate on an M4 with the C-stock attached? From what I've read, the installation process with the Benelli import stock requires removal of the buttplate to re-locate the mounting threads inside the stock (to compensate for the 1-2mm increase between receiver and stock interface caused by the plate). I am wondering if installation with the C-stock is even possible/ advisable, and if so, does one just screw it on behind the installed plate? Also, does anyone with this setup notice the gap between pistol grip and trigger guard thus created, and if so, is it annoying? Thanks!
  3. As the post says I am wondering if the GG&G M4 sling loop is large enough to accommodate the Magpul MS2 sling's snap shackle? This is the single point sling I run on all of my other carbines and shotguns. In the case of my Benelli M1S90 the GG&G sling loop appears to be much larger and getting the MS2 through it is no problem, I just can't tell with the M4 sling loop. Has anyone tried it? Thanks, -JP
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