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Found 9 results

  1. Morning y'all, looking to purchase a fore-end and spare parts for the MR1, obviously this rifle is now discontinued and there is no more parts support, so I come to the forum for help. If you have a fore-end or any spare parts laying around let me know, im ready to purchase right away. THANK YOU
  2. Just like the title reads , The supernova tactical collapsible stock fits the Benelli MR1 with a easy Mod if your into Modding , i was told they used a file and pocket knife to make the trigger fit ,and they love the way it turned out . i will post how easy it was later today. You can find them here from me or on Gunbroker.com [email protected]
  3. Has anyone modded a R1 to use MR1 collapsable stock? I tend to feel more comfortable with the pistol grip on rifles. I would have bought an MR1 if I would have had some other calibre options aside from .223. Thank you
  4. I am looking at buying an R1 in the 270 Wsm platform. Wondering if the MR1 c stock can be installed on the R1. thank you
  5. Hey guys, I recently bought a MR1. Did a barrel break in on it, cleaned the entire firearm (barrel and field stripped), fired once, cleaned, fired once, cleaned, fired once, cleaned, and fired 5 times, cleaned (on the fire 5 and clean 8 cycles now). I put a New Nikon coyote special on it (3-9x40) and bore sighted it. I have a bench set up at 100 yards, I have tried to sight this rifle in 8 times now. It makes absolutely no group at all, I get 7" circles at 100 yards with a bench and lead sled. So i moved it to 50 yards and tried, still absolutely nothing. I read in an article that a guy who bought one's barrel was pitted after 67 shots ( http://www.predatormastersforums.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1774397). I Took the scope off and use the standard sight, still no group, not even close. Any help would be appreciated. Andrew
  6. inyo82

    MR1 talk

    Does anybody recommend which mags to use? I have tried some standard metal 10rd and they caused jams also p mags don't work... What CA legal "10RD" mags work well? It seems that it is common for the bolt to not lock back after the last round even after I tore it down and cleaned it any ideas?. My gun is still new less then 500 rounds. Thanks
  7. I can tell you I am very excited about getting one an MR1 once the boss (aka The Wife) lets me. (its gonna be negotiated, she will get a new toy of her own). I am not a fan of the AR-15 platform, and I say that with 14 years of military experience with them, so I was happy when I dicovered the MR1. The only thing that could make it better would be a 6.8mm version. Does anyone know if Benelli is even considering it? Will likely get the current version in any case, but if the larger caliber is coming, I would want one.
  8. Any chance they will produce an MR-1 incarnation in 12 gauge? I dig its styling and would like a magazine fed shotgun. I once owned a siaga and this MR-1 brings back fond memories. So, any chance of seeing it in a 12 gauge?
  9. Does anyone have experience mounting a standard rifle scope on the MR1? I have read that due to the height of the rear factory sight, the scope must be mounted well above the normal sight plane. This would prevent normal cheek weld and stock positioning when sighting through the scope. Is it possible to remove the factory rear sight to allow normal positioning of the scope? Would the integral front ramp sight interfere with the scope's line of sight? TC
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