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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, I am new to Benelli, so I don't really know much on what makes them click per say. My issue I picked up this Nova Tactical that has a extension tube . I have taken her apart clean and lubed ( it appears it was never shot) I can load 7 2 3/4 shells, open the chamber and insert the 8 th. When I go load a shell the one in the chamber ejects the 2nd round shoots out the bottom and when I go to rack it again the 3rd round loads perfectly . can somebody who knows these shotguns please tell me what I am doing wrong, it does the same with 3" as well thanks in advance from a Benelli newbie
  2. Ive had my nova for about 1 year the first season(3-4months) it worked like a benelli should no problems. then mid off season it startes misfiring about once each outing at the shooting range. Now duck season startes back up and it is misfiring like crazy. oh by misfire i mean the firing pin doesnt hit the primer hard enough. we went to a quality hunt spot were you are only allowed 15 shells per day it misfired 8 times i mean seriously its a *****. I have noticed that it usually only misfires if i load the shell softer and dont slam it in. even when i seat a shell softly i am doing it firmly. my buddy has same gun and we've compared the two with softly cycling them and his fires mine just clicks. I should mention i am ocd about proper care and cleaning. it gets cleaned after every use. So ive called benelli and had it sent into them, i have not heard from them yet but will post what they say once i talk to them. so far from what i have found out about this problem it seems like your nova does it alot and will continue to do so for pretty much its entire life, or you get a good one.
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