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Found 1 result

  1. I had my R1 .300 Win Mag 24" barrel ported by Magna Port. Not their muzzle brake, which costs about double, just 4 ports on the front of the barrel. I have to say that it reduced recoil a slight amount, but didn't make the .300 significantly lighter on the shoulder. It still shot 1" groups at 100 yards, but I was hoping for it to recoil more like the -06. It still has a whallop to it, but a little less than stock. Magna Port has fast and good customer service, and their electro porting process is very clean with no machining. I'm not really a recoil shy person, but I do like my follow up shots on hogs to be fast and the .300 Win Mag had just a little too much recoil for me. I also have the .30-06 barrel, which I like just fine, but the .300 knocks them down like nobody's business. I had my 10mm Glock ported too and that's a whole different story. Noticeably less muzzle flip, no flames coming through the top, and faster target acquisition on follow up shots. Worth the $140 on this one. Thought I'd give my feedback in case anyone was thinking of doing this.
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