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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone have any problems with assembling a SBE II? I'm use to assembling Browning autos and recently bought the SBE II. It seems to be a pain in the butt to get the barrel back on it, even after reading the instructions which I have NEVER had to do before with any other gun! I love the SBE II, but would appreciate anyone's advice for the proper/EASY way to get the barrel back on following dissassembly.
  2. fikester

    SBEII testing

    Super Black Eagle II..... over oiled, then caked with cosmoline by Guns and Ammo http://archives.gunsandammo.com/video/shotgun/torture-tests/overlubing-semi-auto-shotgun
  3. Anyone have one for sale or know where I can find one? Thanks.
  4. Quick question. Can you purchase a second left-handed barrel directly from Benelli? The catalog doesn't specify left/right in the barrels section. I'm looking at buying a SBE II with the 28" barrel but would like to have a 24" barrel as well. (I know the rifled barrel is not and will not be available.) Thanks. Edit: Called Benelli and was able to obtain the part number from customer service since it's not listed in the catalog. The 24" black matte barrel in left-hand is PN - 81141.
  5. I have just bought a SBE II that is possibly unfired. Walnut stock with matte 26" Crio Barrel. I would like to even swap trade just the barrel for the same barrel in 28" in like condition. Or, I would like to trade entire gun with breakdown case, all 5 chokes, owners manuals, bubble wrap, wrench, etc., whatever comes in the box, in exchange for SBE II 28" barrel max 4 or duck blind camo. If either of these trades makes your life better, please reply.
  6. Have brand new 28 inch SBE II max -4 camo wanting to trade barrel for 26 in same camo.
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