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  1. I have a Yugo SKS and have replaced enough parts to make it compliant under 922® but I think I read somewhere that if I changed the stock out to a synthetic stock that I needed to remove the night sites, grenade launcher, and grenade launcher site. To achieve that I had the barrel cut off right in front of where it flares out before the barrel extension that the grenade launcher was attached to. Then I think I read somewhere that when the grenade launcher is removed that a muzzlebreak has to be installed, which would mean that I'll have to chop it off again behind where it flares out. Can anybody tell me if I am compliant without having to re-chop the barrel and put on a muzzle break. I kind of like the look of having it cut off right where it is. Remember, I have replaced enough parts to make it compliant. Is not having a muzzle break going to put me back in a bad place? I know the g-men would only mess with me if they wanted to come up with a "add-on" charge, but I am considering opening a pistol range and want to make sure that if they decide to take a look at all my guns that they don't find anything that would f$#% me up.
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