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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Shooters I have a new 2019 Vinci shotgun. It's brand new, I didn't notice it when I purchased two weeks ago, but now I see that the stock is disgustingly sticky. Any solution to clean the stock and make it less sticky and smooth? I have the brown synthetic furniture on my Vinci.
  2. Please contact me ASAP need a titanium H20 7 round magazine and OEM LE stock.
  3. Hi, I am a gunsmith, soon to be Class 2 manufacturer, I have cut down several M4 barrels to the factory 14" Entry Model. I face and chamfer the OD, shim the front sight and mag tube and lightly spot TIG weld them in proper location. This is stronger than silver soldering and if done properly, uses minimal heat. I then open choke to IC for proper patterning. I charge $250 plus shipping. I can also shorten the factory stock length. After I cut to your desired length, I make a custom, removable aluminum adapter for mounting a Sims Recoil Pad, properly fitted to your gun. Cost is $150 plus shipping. Understand you must have your approved ATF Form 1 back before you can mount this on the reriever or even have the barrel and receiver in the same location. I will soon be able to do entire SBS conversion, including ATF paperwork and engraving for direct return to you (if in Maine) or your local Class 3 dealer in your state.
  4. I am looking for a Super Sport Comfortech stock and forearm, 12 gauge, in decent shape. Lent the gun to my nephew and his Dad for a Boy Scout outing and the nephew (actually I think it was my Brother-In-Law) decided to clean the stock with "Brake Clean" or some plastic melting cleaner. Melted the stock and you can't touch the gun without the stock coming off on your hands. Before you say it, I know they are available new from Benelli, Midwest, Brownells and several other sources. My nephew is supposedly paying for the damage and I'm trying to go easy on him... he's a good kid and a new shooter / hunter - but his Dad... Anyway, if you've got a 12 gauge simulated carbon fiber Comfortech stock and forearm for a Super Sport laying around, I'd be happy to help you convert it to CASH! Thanks guys and Happy New Year to all!
  5. I am in Canada and have a Supernova with a 14" barrel. I've got it for sale somewhere on this forum.....but, I was wondering if it is worth selling the barrel alone and getting a longer one for myself. It's the one with the ghost ring sights. Is there a market in th US for 14" barrels and what would this be worth? I might be ble to get a few of them. Also, I'll see if I can get some collapsible stocks. People seem to want them. I had one but traded it for a Comfortech, which is much better for hunting. If selling my '14 incher' to an American is illegal, then please tell me. I don't know US laws. Thanks Karl
  6. Has anyone modded a R1 to use MR1 collapsable stock? I tend to feel more comfortable with the pistol grip on rifles. I would have bought an MR1 if I would have had some other calibre options aside from .223. Thank you
  7. I am looking at buying an R1 in the 270 Wsm platform. Wondering if the MR1 c stock can be installed on the R1. thank you
  8. I have always wanted a benelli tactical model and I just happend to stumble onto a really nice M3 convertible on the used rack at one of my local gun stores this past week. I took her home, did some research, and it turns out its really a find. HK import marks, one piece 7 shell mag tube, pistol grip stock, and ghost ring sights. So I really like it but the stock just is aggrivatingly long compared to my 1100's and the bolt release is really hard to find in a hurry. Theres just not much info out there on the M3 and im really wanting to know if i can fit the m4/m1014 collapsible stock and if i do get an oversize bolt release which one will not interfere with the action in pump mode. Ive been looking at the arredondo, GG&G, and DMW release lever. I saw an oversize circular button but i do not want to permanently mod this gun and some of this stuff required drilling and tapping. My buddy just said practice the "benelli speed load" and bypass the bolt release altogether. Do the M1 or M2 barrels fit or would the way the pump locks into the barrel ring on semi not allow switch barrel capability, I'd love to make it my new dove gun by a cyl bore 19" barrel maybe alittle loose for that. Primarily i bought it to compete in some local 3 gun matches. Has anyone tried that green hull, phospate steel base winchester military surplus buck loads? I found some real cheap and I'd like to have afew cases of "00" around the house. I shoot alot of steel case ammo thru my pistols and rifles. Never had any issues, but i keep hearing wolf shotshells have issues and have blown up guns especially slug loads. Should I avoid the wolf shells? The low price is very enticing. What kind of patterns can I expect for say #7.5, 1 1/8oz shot payload out of the 19.75" cyl choke barrel? Thanks yall. The M3 has always intrigued me but theres so little out there on it.
  9. Hi, Two questions I need assistance with; just purchased new Supernova Tactial gun. A.) To change out the stock to a Combo / Grip Stock, I find no matching Part # or Description in the Benelli Parts Room. Would this be the same part as the M4 Tactial Combo / Grip Stock? B.) I would like to mount a Rail atop the Receiver. There is (4) areas that match the bolt configuation there. Any input on drilling / tapping this install? Thank you kindly, EGC
  10. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations regarding what sling setup works best for a Supernova with a collapsible stock? It seems like it would be ideal to be able to use a sling in either a 1 or 2 point configuration. Also, are the holes on either side of the collapsible stock, sort of above and behind the slot for a sling, designed to incorporate a QD sling swivel? That's the only reason I could think of for them being there. Since the stock is synthetic and all the sling swivels I have seen seem to be metal, would that wear away at the holes in the stock over time? Thanks in advance for any input!
  11. LNIB - Box was opened when I received it, but the items appear like new or unused. $350 shipped. contact me at [email protected] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1256[/ATTACH]
  12. Anyone have this mounted to their tactical pistol grip stock? http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/mesa-shot-stock-mount-shell-carrier-for-benelli-shotguns-p-209.html Looks pretty nice but not sure if it's worth it.
  13. WTS: Have an As New/Excellent Condition Factory Benelli M1 Super 90 Pistol Grip Stock Includes Sling Plate and Recoil Pad with screws as pictured $150 USPS MO Delivered CONUS Please remove the word “SPAM” in the email address to contact. [email protected] http://i1136.photobucket.com/albums/n496/Lentenlands/DSCI1451.jpg?t=1302640476
  14. There seem to be alot of posts regarding the cstock for M4s but not a whole lot on the cstock for the Supernovas. Any thoughts? I bought a Supernova Tactical with a PG stock and added a Nordic Components mag ext and a low drag follower for the fun of it. I love it. Anyway, thoughts on/pics of the Supernova cstock? Would the money be better spent on a Sidearmor rail system and shell holders? Thanks for the input.
  15. I have a Supernova with a Steady rest stock. Would anyone like to trade my SteadyRest stock for their Comfortech stock? It is Advantage camo.
  16. I just bought a new Supernova, my first shotgun. After shooting trap several times, I have realized the pull is about 2" to 2 1/2" short (at lest that is what my local gunsmith told me). This may sound unbelievable, but at 6'9" I have problems with a lot of things fitting correctly. I brought my supernova to my nearest gunsmith to see about lengthening the stock and he recommended asking this forum as he really wasn't sure. Does anyone know of a kit or something similar which would allow me the extra length I need? Or does anyone know a gunsmith in the Chicago area that could lengthen the pull for a reasonable amount of money? Thanks for the help, Jake
  17. Hi there I want to buy a Cammo stock and forend for my benelli m2. Is anyone selling theres or know where i can buy one? I'm in the uk but willing to buy from anywhere! Steve
  18. I bought a SBE II with the walnut stock and am interested in gettting a camo comfort tech stock for duck hunting. Are they interchangable ?
  19. Hey, I have a M2 and I feel like the stock does not quite fit properly. I think the drop is too great because I have to put the butt of the gun high on my shoulder to get my cheek to seat against the comb and align my eye with the top of the rib. I will confess that I dont know much about stock adjustments so I was wondering if anyone knew of a guide or had any advice so that I could feel like I knew what I was doing instead of adjusting blindly. Thanks
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