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Found 8 results

  1. My Benelli Super Vinci is on warranty with Benelli Gunsmith. I was informed that repair will last 45 days (location in Maryland). I was talking with Benelli Gunsmith representative and he said they have total of 8th Gun Smith Shops across USA serving all brands (not only Benelli but also Stoeger, Franchi etc). Is it normal such a long time to repair the gun? As far as I know the gun was not even touched so far yet since it in the line.
  2. Hello all, I am new to this forum. I am located in Renton, Washington. I have been enjoying my new Super Vinci but had a malfunction. The Carrier Latch Assembly worked its way loose when the pin fell out. This allowed the spring (ref # 2 in the manual) to fall out and was lost. I have a replacement on order. Has anyone had this experience? Can you provide pointers on installing a new one so that it does not fall out? I am considering a small drop of glue. Thanks in advance for your recommendations. Also, I tried to call BennelliUSA customer service and was on hold for a long time. I decided to leave a message because the recorded message system said there was a high call volume. The was unable to leave a message because the message system was full. Is this normal for Bennelli customer service? I will be trying again through the day. 12 PM PT Just got off the phone with BennelliUSA customer support. They are sending me the spring for my new Super Vinci and discussed the components with me so that it can be installed correctly. Thanks to Bennelli customer support for their excellent support line! Vince
  3. I received my brand new Super Vinci yesterday and had a quesiton and a concern. Just to be clear, it is brand new, unfired, and was factory-sealed when I received it. I'll start with the concern 1) The feed ramp as can be seen in the picture is not centered. In fact, it is so off-center that it is literally rubbing against the inside of the "chamber". [ATTACH=CONFIG]2127[/ATTACH] In the photo above, you can see that it is off center, but because of the shadows, you can't quite see that it is actually rubbing against the inside. Here's a photo showing where it is rubbing (just above my thumb): I hope I'm not being too picky here, but it seems like Quality Control should have seen this, right? Now for my question, and it relates to the case. The only way that the barrel assembly fits into the case is by placing the open area over the "pegs". But, since there is a spring assembly inside of the open area, it would be banging against the pegs. To me, that meas a pretty short life for the spring assembly! Am I missing something? Here's a photo of the open area that would be placed over the pegs (also shown)[ATTACH=CONFIG]2129[/ATTACH]
  4. whats the better gun of thse two and why? Just looking for some opinions.
  5. im having a hard time deciding on a sbe2 or a sv. I will use the gun turkey hunting, hard core water fowling and pretty much anything that flys and is legal in America i will be hunting. My gun will be in freezing temperatures sometimes and also around water alot. Im leaning more towards the sbe2 but please help me decide on the sbe2 or sv.
  6. I just picked up a new Super Vinci, and apparently I wasn't one of the lucky people who got a gun that can cycle target loads out of the box. The manual suggests shooting a few boxes of "standard" hunting loads to break it in. Does anyone know what kind of loads they mean?
  7. I bought a brand new benelli super Vinci 12 G at cabelas for 1499.00 plus tax. Beautiful case. Beautiful gun finish. The rep couldn't brag enough how the gun shot thousand of rounds in two days *in Argentina . Some kind of a video promo *they made. I took mine to the hills of Columbia , mo. Is not Argentina, but what the heck... I bought at Walmart 3 brands of ammo each for 22 bucks box of 100. Remington , Winchester , and federal. 2 3/4 inch regular clay target ammo. I shot fist box it jam 12 times. I load one in the chamber and 2 in the magazine. It will fire the one in the chamber , no problem, second will jam at a 75 degree angle before entering the chamber. I thought it needs to break in. My disappointment started after 150 rounds I was shooting basically single shots because it was constantly jamming. I call the *guys at the shogun range, with years of *experience shooting at the range, first guy told me you have to hold the gun tight, not like a girl, ok I said, *you try it. He did, no change , gun still jamming. He called another *guy. He came over and told me, *it needs to be well lube. He lube it to the point the *lube dripping everywhere. He shot it with same results. It will jam on average every second *to third round. A old timer that was looking at us with a smirk in his face told me, you are using weak loads. He load *3 inch heavy load Winchester ammo. No change after 12 rounds it jam 4 times. He turn around and ask me , how much you pay for this thing? His smirk turn into a big laugh. There u go, if you think benelli can't release a defective product, get a super Vinci , once you fired it you can't return it. You can't find that there is a problem until you fire it. What a scam. When i bought a car in 1970 u was very carefully with the engine need since *it to break in for few thousand miles , 2011 and a gun can't shoot well out of the box? Don't buy Argentina marketing, *is just that, marketing. Shot gun now on it's way to benelli.
  8. i have a leftover box of T shot from last season. I want to shoot them at the occasional canada this year. They are 3" and ill have a super vinci by then. Am i good shooting them through my gun and if so which choke should i use? Thanks.
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