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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I love my beautiful Supersport Performance 12 GA. What I don't love is that the extended chokes are coming loose. This is a pretty expensive gun to have such a critical flaw. I clean the threads and lube the chokes after each day at the range. However, they just do not hold. They are coming loose before I even finish a round of trap. NOT acceptable. I even use the choke tool, and tighten them down to a point where I feel if I add more torque, I may strip the threads. Again not acceptable. Other forums suggest using a heavy grease to help keep the tubes in place, rather than the lube that comes with the gun. All advice appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I am just getting into trap shooting a lot with my new SBE II that is left handed and I've looked a lot on the internet and have not found anything and have not had any luck on all the forms about them but they are all from 2003 so just seeing if theirs any current news about them.
  3. I'm using my Super Sport for trap and the ejected shells are bothering other trap shooters. Has anyone developed a solution to resolve this since there are no shell catches made for the Benelli? A few guys at my gun club suggested I place a rubber band at the front of the ejection port to stop the ejected hull from leaving the gun. I tried it and it is a pain to remove the hull manually. Thanks
  4. Just starting in the shooting sports (S&W 22A for starters), and interested in trap for starters. Reading Breaking Clays by Chris Batha to learn as much as possible before jumping in - and hopefully avoid developing bad habits from the start. I'm here in the western suburbs of Chicago, and wonder if anyone can throw a name or organization my way who can help me get fitted properly with a Benelli Vinci. (I need the semi-auto and recoil reduction due to shoulder issues.) Thanks.
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