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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone: I would really like to get a sight for my new SBE II but would like to ask your opinions about the following two sights. 1. Burris Speed Dot 135 (It does come in Advantage timber that would match my SBE II) 2. Burris Fastfire Sight. I do not think that this comes in Advantage Timber (yet). No one shows what the size of the dot would be or if it is a cross hair style. Also can you change the type of pattern that shows up on the screen or change the size of the dot for when you are shooting longer distances. If you have one can you please give your opinions. Thanks Bill
  2. Hello: I just purchased a SBE II with the steady grip up in the Orillia area of Ontario. Bass Pro had it for $2195.00 Canadian, and all other stores could get it for me for around the same price. The best I could do was to get Bass Pro to give me a 10% discount. Anyway, a girl at work advised me of a store in the Orillia area called Elwood EPPS named after a famous Canadian Shooter. All said and done I called up there and they had 3 of the Benelli's with the 24" barrel, Advantage Timber camo, with the steady grip. They wanted $1495.00 Canadian. What a great deal for the gun. I got one right away. The only question I have is what is everyone using for slings for the steady grip stock and what is everyone using for sights for the gun? Your opinions help to inform a novice in the Benelli world.
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