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Patternmasters new Blackcloud choke tube

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Help me out you all.has anyone tried this choke tube yet?


Nope, and I don't plan on it. Carlson makes a BC choke and all that is different is a coating of some kind that reduces fouling from the BC wad. They said you don't even really need their BC tube if you don't shoot that much BC and/or keep your chokes clear of plastic fouling. I do shoot quite a bit of BC, but I also clean my chokes frequently.

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Are the Primos Dead Zone chokes be suitable for Blackcloud shot?


I don't know for sure as I don't work for Primos.


But, I have shot BC through DZ chokes and Carlson unported chokes with good results and will continue to do so.

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the patternmaster black cloud choke will cost you around $100 and a carlsons titanium coated tube for black cloud will only cost you $50.

do you need a choke that says specially for black cloud absolutely not

it wont pattern any better than a $30 choke will.

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