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Benelli M2 Questions


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Hey All I'm in the Market for a New Home Defense Shotgun and I like the M2 from a size and weight stand point but have a few questions if anyone can answer.


First Off Can I order an M2 with the same MilSpec 1913 Mounting Rails that come std on the M4? or do I have to do this as an after market set up? I want to mount a EOTech 516.A64/1 HWS to this shotgun along with Insight M3 Tactical Light.


Also when Mounting an HWS is this something someone can do it themselves or is it better to have a Gun smith do it.


I am Comparing the M2 to the M4 as well as the Mossberg 930 however, I prefer the M2 and M4 Tactical Buttstock to the Conventional stock on the Mossberg 930 even though the 930 is almost half the price of the M2. I have a dealer that has 1 M2 in stock minus the Mounting rails for $1020. and was told that there is a 2 month wait time to get new M2/M4 in stock.


So am I better off grabing the Gun then going out and purchasing the Mounting rails seperately or see If i can order a M2 with the Rails and hold out for 2 months?


Thanks all

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I have both an M2 and an M4. If you can swing the few hundred more, go for the M4, it is definitely worth it. In regard to the M2, I don't believe it was ever offered with a rail. Now I bought mine when it first came out, so I might not be the best person to ask. Things may have changed since, but as far as I know, the M2 was never offered with a rail.


Hope that helps. Good luck with your purchase.

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Resurrected this old post. After reading many old post, I have found that Benelli (and other manufacturers) are offering less and charging more due to economics.

In regards for a Picatinny rail, for the M2 Tactical that did not have any rail at all...Weaver rails are available for about $10.

For those who want a Picatinny rail (I do, should arrive tomorrow), I got one at Brownells, made by Mesa Tactical for $45.


The Weaver rail has only two slots across the rail. You all know what a Picatinny looks like...

I am going to remove the Ghost Ring sights as it is difficult for these eyes to use them, despite how they are popular.

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