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whats your favorite duck load

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3 inch hevi shot number 4's (6's in the timber) out of a SBE or Nova with a Kicks high flyer choke.


About $32-35 per 10 but worth every penny of it in my opinion.


If I am shooting "regular" steel shot it is Federal 3 inch number 1's out of the same choke. I got 2 cases of this for free so I'm not sure of the price per box. I shoot this at Divers and Geese or when I run out of Hevi Shot

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this season, I have been very impressed with the Wingmaster HD loads. 3" #6 in 20 gauge and it brought down canada and snow geese consistently.


WITH the Remington rebate, I will shot it every year...without the rebate, I'll head back to the ole reliable 12 gauge 3" #3 steel loads.


Cost on sale at Cabelas was $229 minus the $150 remington rebate = $80 (free shipping). Less tha $1 per shot which is where my pain level begins.

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One of my all around duck favorites is 3" #3, ounce and 3/8. I found some nitro steel in this combo and was very pleased. Late season I switched to 3.5" #2, ounce and 9/16. This flat out rolled the ducks. With ice all around us I wanted to make sure my nine year old lab had fairly routine recoveries. I'm worried this was her last year. Her hips are either to the point where we do a replacement or I only take her on early season hunts.


For geese I really like the 3.5" Black Cloud in BB, ounce and 9/16. I'll also use my late season ducks loads as the first two loads with a Black Cloud for clean up or that last bird in a group.

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