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SBII Chokes

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I have an SBII with Crio Choke. Ive been using FULL CHOKE for deer hunting along with Federal Vital Shok 3.5" 00buckshot. Ive heard of Patternmaster extending your range and giving you a better pattern (hence the name). Has anyone tried a patternmaster extended range on paper next to stock full choke from benelli?

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NJ, Did you get your gun straightened out? If so what did you find was the problem?


It worked itself out lol..the gun just likes alot of lube in the recoil tube I think...or maybe the 15 rounds of 3.5" 00buck I fired this season broke it in that much more. who knows

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I have used Patternmaster on three SBE's. One showed great improvement and two were no better. You can return them for refund if not happy. It seems they are great chokes in about 50% of weapons. Had 50%(2 for 4)improvement in Browning Gold Hunter also.

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