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Buying SBE II- Camo or Synthetic?


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I think its all a matter of personal preference.I have a camo sbe,I hunt salt and brackish marshes with it.That is the main reason I got the camo just a way to protect the gun from the elements.I prefer wood stocks and blued finishes on guns but for my meat gun I'll get camo every time.

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Synthetic requires a bit more care.

It will rust if you ignore it or abuse it long enough.

Camo does provide an added measure of protection from the elements, with less maintenance.

If you're going to get upset over a few scratches and chips on your new $1600 shotgun, then don't get the camo. It will get chipped and scratched if you use it. It's not Kevlar, it's just a thin vinyl film.

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The difference Ive noticed between synthetic and camo is the amount of glare reflecting off the barrel.

Down here in California im hunting in pit blinds for most of the day, and ive noticed ducks picking up the glare from synthetic shotguns alot more than camo shotguns.

It all depends on what you like.

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Great duck gun - no matter the color. I hunt brackish marshes and rice fields with black synthetic - no problems in 3 years. My $0.02, but if the birds are close enough to see black or camo, they are close enough to die - also black is easier for you to find when you come back after leaving it in the grass on the levee.

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