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Need help on stuck choke on SBE II

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I have a choke tube that has been stuck for 3+ years. It has been a good gun but am ready to put another choke tube in it. I've taken it to a gunsmith who heated it up and still wouldn't get it out. I've tried to freeze it, heat it, soak it, with all the combinations. It was oiled when put in and in for less than 3 weeks would not come out after trap season. Broke 3 Bennelli choke tube wrenches and a Carlson's T-Handle wrench.


Do I send it in to Benelli? Or just buy a new gun. New barrels cost like $650. I would like to keep it but when next season hits I can not have my barrel back. And I'm not sure how long or how much it will take to send it Bennelli? Any help would be helpful.....




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A couple of things you can do.


1. Buy a cheap 3/8" drive socket that barely fits inside the tube, but with some play.

Sand the chrome finish off the socket and leave the bare metal surface as rough as possible.

Clean and degrease the inside of the choke tube and rough it up with coarse sandpaper as well.

Using a quality epoxy like Brownells Acraglass or Brownells Steel Bed, affix the socket inside the tube and let it cure for at least 48 hours.

Once cured, insert a 3/8" drive into the socket and give it a twist.

You may want to chuck the barrel in a protected vise to gain more leverage. Don't squeeze the barrel. Simply clamp it down at the magazine tube ring to prevent it from twisting.


2. Locate a machine shop in your area that has good equipment and skilled personnel. Take another tube with you for reference and ask them to cut the stuck tube down to with a few thousandths and chip it out for you.

I share an office with such a machine shop, and those guys could make short work of the project.

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I own quit a few guns with screw in choke tubes and my SBE is the only one I've ever had get a stuck choke,and I know of four other people with the same thing.I believe it came from shooting BB steel out of it.I had mine removed,they had to cut it out.Every year I get a new choke for the gun because the one I had in the gun will swell up and is hard to get out or get back in,and it will not even fit in the end of my nova.That's just my experience.

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alright... first post but, i had this happen to me on my Nova. i broke a choke tool while trying to get it out. i took it to a gun smith and he soaked it in a gun oil for a couple days and then took a gun wrench tool to it and it came out... only thing he had that i didnt was a padded vise to clamp the barrel down to. and a pair of vise grips welded to a choke tube remover tool!! i think that was the key... so take a pair of old vise grips and weld it to the choke tool and try it that way

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oldboots hit the nail on the head - the SBEII chokes are called 'removable' for a reason. Remove the choke, say once a month if shooting frequently (and especially if hunting in inclement weather), clean, oil it and re-install it. In my experience, do this and the problem should not reoccur.

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