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New SBE II "Break In" Question ...

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After looking through the Benelli Manual for my new SBE II LH, I found the following :


WARNING: due to precision machine tolerances on your shotgun, some breaking-in period may be required before your new gun works perfectly with light target loads. If you experience any initial functioning problems, we recommend firing three or four boxes of standard hunting loads to allow for this break-in period.


This SBE II will be "primarily" used as my new turkey gun, & I will be shooting Nitro 3 1/2" Hevi-Shot loads with it.


My question is ... what size / type of shot shell is Benelli referring to as standard hunting loads ??


I wouldn't want to limit the future use (s) / performance of this gun, so I have no problem with throwing a few boxes of "standard hunting" loads through it for this initial "break-in" procedure.


... but, I'm not sure of what size / type of load to use ... "standard hunting for what" ??


... tia

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