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Tactical Shotgun Question

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All of them so-called "tactical" shotguns shoot the girly loads.

They don't make one in the grown-up size of 3.5" like my hunting gun.


I suppose they'll do OK if you get two rounds into Stuart Little before he grabs some cover behind a matchbook. :p :D

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Is a tactical gun still tactical if I shoot pigeons and rats with it? :D


Did you give them fair warning?


"Drop that Twinkie and put your paws/wings up!!!... or I'll shoot!!!"


That kinda thing?

If so, then your M1 ~ 4 was put to practical tactical use.


I always give fair warning to the coyotes in my neighborhood... they don't speak English, but it's not my problem if they don't bother to learn the language. :D

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Only if you needed to use a weapon mounted white light system to temporarily blind your intended target and/or had to grab a few shells from a sidesaddle. :rolleyes:


All of them so-called "tactical" shotguns shoot the girly loads.
For all of my shotguns, I stick to Federal LE Low-Recoil 00 Buck (for HD anyway). Girly? Maybe...although to me, there is nothing "girly" about 00 Buck, regardless of form. Either way, I'll take control/follow-up accuracy over unnecessary bruising any day! Sure, I could run 3 1/2" loads through my Benelli SNT or 3" loads through my Mossberg 590, but it would be fruitless. I dont hunt, so anything above 2 3/4" is meaningless to me. Edited by shotgunNoob
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