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i dont believe the people on that forum they are people who have never shot one and just talk smack about it i love mine and i think its the best benelli ever made i use it for waterfowl sporting clays skeet and most of all trap im on the local team

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now come on little man you havent used it for waterfowl yet! unless your from texas where they have no rules on waterfowl.LOL but hey let us know how it does when season comes around!
sorry about saying waterfowl i keep thinking about using it next season i was carried away with my shooting sports sorry i have! used it sporting clays skeet and trap
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How can he say people talk smack when he just talked a ton of smack. Another internet clown has woke up.

i just get tired of people who have never shot one just talking about the looks of it and people who have to use 3.5 witch im not sure why they cant use 3in i have no problem hunting waterfowl with 3in thats what duck commander uses now and im pretty sure hes killed alot more ducks than any of us

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