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Shooting the benelli vinci

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I got to take my new vinci out today trap shooting and its realy smooth, it was kinda funny I was used to the remington 870 kick and I was amazed at the difference on recoil how little the vinci had compared to the 870 so my coach said let me see and he shot one shell threw it and said man that thing kicks hes used to a berreta trap gun that dont kick kinda a sissy gun if you ask me so I was laughing on how little the recoil is to me and how much it was to him. anyways the vinci is great everyone at my trap club thought it was a trap gun and it shoots like one it shoot high but i messed with my shims and it brought it to about flat i just got to aim allitle bit under it but after I changed the shim my mid bead looked alot shorter it was really weird im thinking of putting the shim i had befor and see if it looks higher then if not ima check my bead. but it sure is a head turner i had to take it apart about ten times to show people they were all amazed people there want one as their trap gun. they said its got a nice tall rib like trap guns have and its smooth as a heavy trap perrazi but still as durable as a field gun, I love it thats all I can say my coaches dont want me shooting it anymore till after the season so I may take their advice its only like 2 weeks so ill think about ill probabaly shoot it tuesday.

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You know my biggest gripe just seeing it in pictures is the size of the safety. Did Benelli forget that back in '02? '03" they put the oversized safety on the SBE. I like the triangle sized safety. Its great for us when we hunt in gloves.

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