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What do I need to convert my M3T to an M3?

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I live in a ban state and I'd like a pistol grip plus extended mag tube, so I've decided to convert my preban HK Benelli M3T rather than sell it for an M4. My M3T came without the locking mechanism on the rear sight so it's not useful as a folder, and the stock rattles when it's extended (tried but could not fix it). Even if I corrected those two problems, I'd rather have it with a conventional fixed pistol grip stock anyway.


What do I need? I need the PG stock, I know that. I need a buffer tube too, right? Is there anything else I need? And does anyone know where I can find these things?


Also, can anyone recommend a good optic mount? I was considering putting a mini red dot or an Aimpoint micro on it.



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Only two things you do need. is the tube and the stock. and of course the hardware to install it. Other then that it should be good. i reamber seeing pistol grip stocks on gunbroker from time to time and i beleave impact guns has it also. as for the tube. i beleave you can order it from e-gunparts.com

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