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By the way ART how big was your Moose that you got in Canada this year? Any Photos? Send me a PM if you get a chance or post them on your User Page and let me know when they are up if you have some!

Thanks in Advance!


No pictures as it was a meat hunt. We went to get meat for the freezer. My companion lives in AK, and has for over 30 years now. He wants food for the family and not a throphy. I lived there enough and took enough moose that it is no big deal. This one was a yearly and gave about 350-400 pounds of meat. I took it with a 308 at 50 yards.


In my foolish years I went for larger moose and found the meat not as good to eat, and getting that big sucker out of the woods took 4 men a couple of days. In AK most of the hunts you go in by float plane and setup camp. We would spend a week in the woods and the bush pilot would check on us from time to time. If you set a signal he would land, otherwise he continued onto another group of hunters.


I have seen good size moose with larger racks, don't remember the width for what they call a throphy, but you could have over 1500 pound of animal.


I'm to damn old to do that type of hunting anymore and as you see I have a digital camera but it is broken.... In my days of hunting the cameras would not take the cold and wet, which is what most hunting I did in AK seem like... cold and wet or wet and cold.



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NY allows both hens and roosters where I am since there is no bnatural population all birds are stocked so it really doesn't matter. They are all gone by the beginning of Nov anyway. I went to a preserve the other day to work the dog

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