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M2 vs. Super Black Eagle II

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Hello, I'm still new to hunting, just started last year but I love it.. I've been looking into another shotgun, this time I want a semi-automatic, so I started researching and it seems that the above models are the hightest rated. I've hunted with several friends who have semi-automatics and they jam, the Benelli's seem to not do that as much.. My question is this, what are the major differences between the M2 Field, and the Super Black Eagle II's? I stopped at a local gun dealer and just loved the feel of the M2, the 3" is priced a few hundred $$'s less, so I'm leaning toward it.. But if there's an nice advantage to going with a SBEII I'd like to know about it. Thanks..

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Here is a thread where it was discussed before.


I think it basically comes down to if you want a one or 2 piece receiver, and whether or not you have any plans to shoot 3.5"


Sidenote, I was facing the same dilemma and I chose the M2, love it to death.

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Basically what "agm65ccip" said. The main difference between the SBE and the M2 is chamber length. As I hope you know the M2 has a 3" chamber and the SBE has a 3.5" chamber. You can do all you need with a 3" shell, in the same way you can do all you need with a .410 single shot shotgun. If you are planing on hunting the big birds which are turkey and geese I strongly recommend you go for the SBE. There are other differences between the 2 guns beside that. Probably the next biggest difference is the receiver. The M2 barrel locks into the receiver, where as the part of the barrel that connects it to the gun actually is part of the receiver on the SBE. The advantage to the SBE's barrel is ease of cleaning. It is hard to clean out all the nooks and crannies of the M2 receiver, but since the top half of the receiver is connected to the barrel on the SBE, the receiver is literally cut in half with the barrel off, making for much more Thorough and much easier cleaning. It doesn't end their, another big factor is reliability. The bolt has to travel another half inch to cycle, and if I am correct the bolt assembly ways more on the SBE. So if you want to shoot 1 oz loads or lighter a lot I strongly recommend the M2. Based on what I have heard and seen you can shoot 1 1/8 oz 3 dram light loads with a SBE reliably as long as you make sure to break it in properly, keep clean, and keep it oiled. The last factor I can think of is the trigger guard. The M2 has a smaller trigger guard than the SBE, not that I am saying it is particularly small, I am saying the SBE has a particularly big trigger guard. The SBE has more space in the trigger guard allowing for heavy insulated gloves. A few years ago that would have been a big factor. Now I use trigger finger gloves that have a black index finger that is narrower and allows for use in the tightest trigger guards. I hope this helps.

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Thanks, all of this information is helpful.. Since my REM 870 is a SuperMag (will shoot the 3.5) then I think I'm leaning toward the M2!! It did feel so so good in my hands (not so sound weird) and it is a little less expensive.. I'm not planning on buying for another month or so, so maybe by then I'll just say the heck w/ it and go with the SBE.. Regardless, all the replies were helpful, thanks guys!

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I had the same decision to make and I went with the SBEII... VERY happy with my choice.. Ended up starting to hunt duck and goose... ITS a blast. Nice to have 3.5 when you need it.


Now I am going to go back and buying a M2 in 20ga with 26" barrel for dove and quail...


What can i say.... once you own 1 Benelli, you want to own them all!

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