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M4 - how many shells?

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the stock configuration M4 is listed as 4+1 here on the benelli site. You can actually fit 5 shells if you are using 2 3/4". Its not that there is a limiter inside the tube...the tube just ends where you see that funny little plastic lookin part on the last 1/3 or so of the tube. So realistically a stock M4 can hold 5 +1+1 if you float a shell on the carrier

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Thanks for the info. I plan to use 2 3/4" shells so 5 in the mag should be adequate.


You can get the mag extension or a full tube and hold 7+1. Just in case you encountersome zombies or live in Phoenix like me where every morning we hear of some home invasion on the news. I also have a buttstock nylon side saddle. Call me paranoid.lol

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I recently got an m4/mag upgrade and dealt with the 6 rounds problem. I could only fit 7 with target loads, 6 with everything else. 

I'm spamming the top googled threads with this reply because got sick of being told it's about shell length and unfixable, or I have to cut my spring to fix it. I could never find a thread that just gave me a clear answer about an easy spring swap or anything else that worked. I'm blown away by how hard it was to find a clear answer on this simple topic.

The fix? I replaced the factory spring with a wolff m4 spring from freedom fighter tactical and it went from being a half inch away from holding 7, to holding 7 of anything 2 3/4" long. It's tight, but mine holds 7 of everything now. This isn't meant to be an ad for wolff, as there may be others out there that would fix the problem, but it worked for me and should for you.

Non-target-load 2 3/4in shells are longer and that's a fact, but assuming your m4 parts are the same dimensions as mine which they should be, your M4 WILL hold 7+2 if you get the spring replaced.

I hope I can bring a few people's blood pressure down if you are dealing with the same problem and as frustrated as me with the threads full of non answers out there.

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11 hours ago, bdickers said:
  • Has anyone installed the 2 round extension on the M4?  Do I need to remove the snap ring and whatever lies beneath it?

When you remove the cap there is a spring retainer. If you install an extension then that retainer would need to be removed so that the spring can seat into the extension. You would likely need a longer spring.

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Like many, I prefer a full length magazine tube as well as a side saddle/shell carrier. I'm completely satisfied with the full length tube. Adding an extension doesn't interest me. Here's why. Whenever I shoot the M4, or any shotgun, I am continuously practicing loading shells. It becomes nearly automatic after a while. When I'm not firing, I am reloading, even if it is only one round. That to me is more valuable than the initial number of shells in the magazine tube. Shooting clays gives you a good opportunity to practice reloading.

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