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Selection help wanted

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I am a right handed shooter who has limited use of my left arm. I cannot support a raised long gun for more than a couple of seconds. Consequently I am limited to light shotguns.


I am contemplating a .20 gauge Ultralight for upland hunting, but I also want to be able to do some Turkey hunting with it.


Feedback wanted:


Is a .20 just too light for Turkey?


Is there a Turkey choke for the .20 Ultralight?


Can the Ultralight be fitted with a pistol grip?


Is there an alternative out there, in any configuration?


Any other ideas?



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Guest McDaddy

I also have a buddy with similar disabilities. He carries a Browning 525 Feather with a bi-pod when hunting Turkey. Although not quite as light as an ultralight; it is light. The grip of the 525 gives your right hand a better hold. The bi-pod supports the weight. Just some ideas...Good Luck in your search. The Benelli UL is nice and you may be able to support it along with the bi-pod. As for 20 vs. 12 for Turkey; a 20 will work just fine. Use 3" magnum 2 shot. Old Tom will drop.

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