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Really need some help here guys.


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even after reading your post TUCKER, i logged off of this site,went to gunbroker came back and they still come up/show when i click them. maybe my computer just saves them or something, im not sure. even CASH'S pics still come up.


OK. As long as you can see them. That's all that matters.

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Back to the original post (Unless I missed something)


Let us know what happens. Maybe you didnt get ordered an M4? Maybe they screwed up and ordered another Benelli? Check the Nomenclature on your receipt? Was the $800 a downpayment? Maybe its used? Just curious because if they are selling ANYWHERE for $800.......I will go buy as many as legally possible and start selling them on gunbroker. Wow.

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Guys thanks so much and i'll answer all the questions here and i mean you guys are really nice again thank you.


The price of the full gun was 800.00 dollars and i checked and re-checked with them and they said its a new Benelli M4 for 800.00 dollars, they said it will cost them 750.00 to get it (maybe they have sources is what i believe) and they are charging me shipping plust 10 percent came to 800.00 on my reciept.



My e-mail is [email protected] and again thank you guys very much for all the pics and help this is really gonna ease me and know IF they screwed anything up i am getting all my money back.


Edit: Hey Need in the last two pictures, what are those weird symbols on top of the barrel and right near the trigger guard?

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