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What choke does the M4 come with? Can I shoot slugs in it?

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What choke does the Benelli M4 come with? Can I shoot all loads including slugs with it? Do I have to remove the choke when I clean it? If I take the choke out will it be an open choke and will it be safe to shoot it this way?

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Modified. Used to come with 3 when I bought mine, but recent reports are they it comes with one choke, a flush modified.


Yes. Some slugs may deform a bit and their accuracy may suffer, but it's safe to shoot a normal lead slug through any choke, despite what some claim. If you're shooting hardened steel slugs or any of the exotic "armor penetrating" ones, I'd use a looser choke.


You don't have to clean the m4, let alone remove the choke tube and clean ... You can if you want. Lube is 100x more important than cleaning.


No choke = looser than an open choke. Choke threads are exposed, opening up a possibility for thread damage / lots of carbon buildup on the threads. Don't do it.

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