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WHAT Choke has worked for Hevi-Shot 13, 6 Shot

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I am a turkey hunter who is getting ready to switch to No 6, Hevi-shot 13, 3inch. Does anyone have any experence with it using a Benelli M1? I am blown away with how tight the No 7 Shot does out of my Benelli. I have shot everything, from Nitro to Win Hi Speed,,which is what I have shot since they brought it out.


What I really am interested in is what dia and make choke tube you may be using.


Call they up close and shoot them in the face!!



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Based on the very strong recommendation of a friend and what I've read on forums I bought an Indian Creek choke. They produce very tight patterns with Hevi-13 6 and I don't think you would be disappointed. Pure Gold is another one that seems to be highly recommended by those who have one as well as the Primos Jelly Head.

Lot's of good information at Old Gobbler forums.

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I shoot Hevi #6's through my IC choke in my M2 and the pattern is unreal. I dont think you will be dissapointed if you go with this combo, just my 10 cents.

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