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Muzzle Brake for M2 tactical?

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I have searched the forum and the internet, but cannot find a muzzle brake for the M2 tactical.


Are they out there, do they exist, where might I buy one if this mythical item exists? I did find where the Benelli practical muzzle brake fits (or is supposed to fit) but I can't find one of those for sale either.

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Stompy: Thank you for the links. I am putting a check in the mail today for a Blackbore tactical HD choke for my M4. These chokes are in stock, which is awesome. I have been told that they are working on an HD choke for the M2 and I will order one when they become available.


Thanks for the info.!

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I have the Trulock tactical choke for my M4 and it work and looks great. I will buy whatever choke comes out first for my M2 tactical (Trulock or Blackbore). I have been waiting a long time for a tactical choke for the M2.

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