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M4 Urbino Stock now available

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i dont see anything special about the urbino!!! i like my OEM c-stock, especially since its legal on my shorty now!! NO MORE 922 horsesh-t any more to worry about!!!!!!!!!:D SBS is the ONLY way to go.....;)

Need to see a scan of that nice M4 with the 8" barrel.

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believe it or not i have a benelli supernova with the urbino stock and on that sn i have a red dot sight... i shot at a pit one day about 4 hours the riser was just crushing my face no matter how i held it i went home sore woke up next day with a big black and blue and a scab from the riser rubbing me raw... not to knock it down it is a great product i love the length of pull but gd does it hurt your face so bad... they should make a face saver or something to fit on that riser and ill be the FIRST to demo one.. thanks mesa

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I'd like to know more about how the riser was hurting your face. And what's a "face saver?"


We're not crazy about the riser aesthetics and were considering a redesign. Also, there's some cool new textures we've been looking at.


ya mesa i love the product im goin to buy the stock for my m4 but as posted i stated how it was hitting my face, left a bruise and a small scab lol looked like i was in a lil fist fight.. no matter how i held the gun it just kept jammin into my face.. i just made up face saver lol like the butt pad.. maybe a small piece of rubber on the riser to soften the blow to the face.. like i said id love to try out whatever u have for my benelli m4 or supernova


p.s. im 6'2'' 240 lbs and the lop on the urbino is superb compared to the crap benelli stock thanks again

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