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Chokes for Crio Barrel?

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Does anyone make an aftermarket choke tube for the Crio Barrel? Like for the Cordoba 12ga. pre 2006.


You could go to Carlson's Chokes as they make just about every choke to fit every shotgun imaginable. I'm not 100% positive but I do think the early crio chokes were equivalent to the standard Benelli choke and not the newer crio "plus" chokes of today.


http://www.choketube.com/mobilchoke.html or



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Hi there.


I think that Briley would be the best choice as they are the same chokes that are used for the SS Custom shop conversion (says so on their website).


Just make sure to get the right chokes ... They have a page dedicated to matching your current chokes.


Personally I am using the Spectrum Extended Black Oxide and having excellent success. They also have a more detailed choice and fill the gaps between the factory set.

OC .. Sk .. IC .. Light Mod .. Mod .. IM .. Light Full .. Full .. XFull

They also have a Dispersion that is functionally more open than OC. Works well on skeet!


Good luck to you,



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Guest kyle58962

dont have idea but good luck to your search.

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