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Brand New Nova may have defect

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So I just got my first shotgun and have been playing with the action. I've been noticing that there's a little resistance when the forend reaches the end of it's travel as I push it forward. It's just not as smooth as I thought it might be. Will this get smoother?

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Update: I went back to the store and every single Camo Nova had the same problem. Some worse than others. The gunsmith talked to Benelli directly and they told him that the teflon coating doesn't get applied evenly during manufacturing and that it shouldn't affect the way the gun fires. It's also not a warranty-able failure. For you Nova owners, remove your barrel and look in the breach to see if your gun suffers from the teflon chipping away.

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If it is a 'characteristic' of other shotguns you've inspected, Benelli might not be able to do anything about it - unfortunately, it looks like an unfavorable stacking of tolerances or the supplier got something a bit oversized - my guess is it will run in with use and not cause you any issues down the road - glad to have you on the forum.

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