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best sight for m4

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It's been awhile since I ran a T-1 with the low LaRue mount ( they're both on a FS90 now) but it wasn't of issue of where the co-witness occurred--it didn't. The iron sights set somewhere behind the mount. A VERY low sighting system (just look at a pic and you'll see) compared to an AR and thus not comparable to carbine co-witness preferences. I hope I'm not the only one who remembers it this way. :confused: Plus co-witnessing shotgun sights is just silly.


The low mount (with a T-1) works well with the fixed stock. If you can wait a week I plan to reinstall this set-up with the good SideArmor rail and can correct the above if necessary.


You remember correctly. There is NO co-witness on the M4

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The Trijicon RMR works great.


My favorite for this weapon. Used to have a Burris FF-II but the RMR, especially the dual illum unit is VERY rugged and worthy of a close look. I use one on an FN 45 tactical too and love it there as well.

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