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The NEW 2010-2011 Waterfowl Pictures Thread

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Nice ones!

Puddler hunting has all but ended here. Got one mallard this morning.

Sat yesterday and watched puddlers that were afraid to "decoy" to other live ducks of the same species. They've been hammered and the ice and snow have pushed them out.


Divers are still pretty good, so I guess I'll change gears next week and go for a can or two.

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Yeah I hear ya, I didn't fire my first shot until almost 9am this morning!

I think our problem here is that there is way too much excess water around, the rivers are flooding in many areas and its allowed the birds to spread out into fields that are normally dry during this time of the year.

I'm hitting the river again on Tuesday, so we'll see if my little sweet spot that I found produces some Mallards...

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At least you fired a shot

we had two, no shots fired, no-fly days this weekend!

Our problem is the stupid sun came out and the geese are just happily nappin the day away.

Hopefully that`ll change with some snow next week.

We were doing good up until last week


Thanks for the pics guys, here`s a few.......

have a good rest of the season

(or hope you had a good season if your`s is closed)





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Tis the time of the year when I like to start looking for live ducks to play with!

This is not even cool mudhen....;)

My club backs up to the southern close zone of Kesterson NWR and the birds are just starting to show up. Two years ago around this time that close zone was stacked full with birds, 80% of them were just snows. So if you get bored playin with those live ducks and geese up there, feel free to send them down my way :D

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They're still flying around! Well, these are not...



I like to say "for these......the migration is over.........now migrate into my stomach!"


Dog`s name is Max btw


Hey! That`s where all those Pintail I got covered up with after I shot my T-W-O got off to.......

good thing we can only shoot T-W-O

because obviously there aren`t very many left :rolleyes:

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