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Nova Parts Needed

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I bought a used gun and the previous owner has threaded rod in place of the factory trigger pins, can i get these factory direct or do i need to go through a dealer? :confused:


Call/e-mail benelli CS and explain what you just told us (with more detail and part numbers) and they might just send you some.


A while back I noticed the threaded end of my recoil tube was getting stripped (or had been put on wrong) and so I e-mailed them and asked how much something like that would cost, and the CS rep just asked for my address to mail it to me.

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Brownell's 800-741-0015

Mann & Son's 618-357-2911

Both should be able to get most anything you need but i would give them the correct part number vs asking them for the correct one, but they should be able to hook you up if you can't find the part # you need!

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