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SBE II not patterning troubles

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r u using a wad stripping type choke? if so thats your problem. carlsons make a black cloud tube that comes in a long range model. i got mine at cabelas for 45 bucks. if you want to save a few bucks ill sell ya mine ( only like a box through it) if ya got time to wait for the shipping thing. choke patterned fine through my vinci just dont care for the black cloud( destroyed every duck i shot with it) ill send ya a pm with my phone number if ya got any questions.

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OK, my opinion.


You can't "look" at a few patterns and decide its good or bad. To do this right, you really need to use a pattern analysis program like "Shotgun Insight." And you need a minimum of 10 shots on paper, at the distance you really think you'll be taking game.




It will tell you whether you are looking at a really bad patterning gun or choke, or one pattern that is bad out of 10.


But before you go to this trouble, are you already hunting with it, and are you bagging birds?

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I use a Carlson's Black Cloud "Mid Range" choke tube in my SBE II, and it seems to work well if I do my job. The good thing about the Carlson's tube (if you really need it) is that it is about half the price of some of the others, such as Patternmaster.

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