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Waterfowl gear

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Looking to get into waterfowl hunting and i was just wondering what is necessary gear for a hunt. What kind of gear to you carry with you? Also what brands do you recommend for different type of gear?







late season waterfowling is a whole different game than early season. Your location will make some of the things listed change, but for all around gear heres what I would recommend. Cabellas Waders with 800 gram thinsulate. A good blind bag to carry your gear. A 20 or so dollar double reed call to learn the basics. You do not NEED a 100 dollar call to sound good. A 20 dollar call in the hands of a good caller sounds leaps and bounds better than an expensive one in the hands of a crappy caller. Some decoys and an open mind. All we run are ghg hotbuys. There is a TON to learn about hunting ducks and geese, and dont be suprised if you have very limited success. I didnt shoot a single bird my entire first year of hunting

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No problem Tide, just trying to pass on the information other people have helped me with. I still cant decide between number 2 or number 4 being more effective. Im really alright with using either one. I like the 4's because there is more shot in the cup, and will hold its velocity a little better to a further distance, but 2's will wad up a mallard quickly.

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Here is a list of things I started with when I started waterfowling five years ago:


1. a good pair of waders (there is nothing worse than wet feet)

2. a good camo jacket (nothing fancy)

3. grass woven mat (bass pro shop sells them for $10 for a 4 ft by 4 ft chunk)

4. 12-24 floating decoys with wieghts (decoys are typically sold in half dozen sets and I chose of variety of species that way I can use them both early and late season)

5. Baby mojo duck (sold for around $70-$80)


The mojo duck is an absolute neccesity if you are serious about getting opportunities to shoot ducks. I've had friends who swear that they enjoy the "old-school" approach with no mojo but I can tell you my buddy and I went hunting 12 different times last season and we both limited 10 of those times with the mojo.

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Can't go wrong with Cabela's. I just picked up some 600 gram thinsulate waders from them and am very happy with them. Start small with your decoys. I find that less is more. I carry a few mallards, few teal and a couple of confidence decoys such as coots. Guess it depends on your environment as to what will work with your area. Couple of calls that I use sparingly as I am not the champion caller. Don't go crazy with the calling as well. Good shells are a must. Just picked up some Remington Hypersonic-Steel shells in 3" #2 shot. 1,700-fps. Hope to see excellent results. I'd be interested if others have shot this load. I'm using the SBEII with modified choke. Oh yeah, and my 8 year old chocolate lab. Can't forget him! Happy hunting!

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It really depends on how much you want/can spend. Columbia makes awesome bibs and parkas, but they are costly, however they will replace or repair any defective or even torn items. As far as decoys, do not buy the "Hot Buy" Greenhead Gear duck floaters. The paint will chip easily.... there's a reason they are so cheap. The other Greenhead Gear dekes are great though. Get a Mojo with a remote, you'll love it, especially if you figure out that the ducks start to flair it when they get close, or it's sunny and it has a glare. For shot, I shoot #2's, all around good load, I prefer Black Clouds with a modified choke, but if you can afford the good stuff, look into Remington Wingmaster HD. That stuff is amazing, I just can't afford to shoot much of it. If you really want something that will kick like a mule, shoot those Hypersonics.... I will never shoot them again, it's worse than shooting 3.5 inch 00 Buck. As far as a call, you might get a cheaper double reed to start with, but if you're looking for a quality, great sounding call, get a Lynch Mob - Stranglehold, double reed, the best call I've blown, and they'll tune it how you want it. Good luck getting started, there sure are a lot of choices out there, and I'm sure you'll have to go through a lot of trial and error before you figure out what you like the best!

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I use the GHG hot buys puddler pack and it has yet to fail me. I also take good care of my gear.

What I would start with is:

12 Mallard

4-6 Pintail (Carefull, these will give decoy bads holes)

Wigeon, Gadwall, and Greenwing Teal in acordance to what is prominate in your area.

The idea with decoys is to set up like real duck as they behave in YOUR area.

Do lots of watching, it will help with I.D. and notice how they congragate and this will tell you alot.

(puddle duck, I dont see divers in my area often)

I personally use Drake gear and love it. Have a ETS pull over and the 4-1 wader jacket and love them both.

Blind material or layout blind are AWSOME for walk in spots. Make sure you are covered.

Concealment and decoying is the heart of waterfowling. The calling is pointless if the ducks see you or something they dont like.

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