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Carrier Comp Extended Ti Mag Tube

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Guest cleefurd
I placed an order for one of these tubes on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. I know that there's usually a month-long backorder on them. Any ETA on the next batch?

We're shooting for the 1st week of May, to cover yours (just past mid April).

Getting the last of March's and very 1st few of April's out tomorrow.

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Yes Sir. All back-ordered followers went out last week.

Shoot me an email with your last name, and I'll forward you the tracking details.


That's ok Kip. I don't need the tracking as long as I know it's on the way. If it doesn't show up in a day or two, I'll let you know.

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Received my ti tube yesterday, and installed today. Just wanted to say that the quality is amazing, from the titanium right down to the tan coating (perfect match). Makes me feel like I have a new gun. I will be recommending it to anyone that asks. Thanks Kip!

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I got my Ti tube today. Even though everyone raves about the quality, I was still stunned by how nice these tubes are. Near perfect machining and a fabulous match to the factory anodizing. Just a gorgeous piece. It took less than 20 to install the tube. Heated the receiver with a DeWalt heat gun for 2 min and the tube unscrewed. Installed the new tube spring and a Nordic +1 extension, and took it to the range for testing. Cycled perfectly down to the last shell. I even tried the original factory spring for the 5 round capacity and it still cycled?? I'll start a new thread on that topic....

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