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M4 C- Stocks new in box $250+ shipping

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DO you have a return policy? I've got mine but it doesn't collapse on an M1014. Let me know either way. Thanks


Just swap the tube out. ****, people in ban states pay good money for the tube you have so they can install the stock as a faux collapsible stock.


The job isn't the easiest, but it isn't that hard to do really. Or, have a gunsmith do it. I'll give you a copy of the instructions on how to do it if you like.


By next monday, I should know 100% sure if the source I have for the tubes is the proper 3 position units.

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M4 C- Stocks new in box $250+ $10


email and Paypal address - [email protected]



Good amount available 01/12/2011



Paypal or email me for Address.


Stocks Still available


I read the entire thread and I keep thinking of a Simpson's episode where Homer put one of those novelty "Drinking Bird" toys next to his keyboard and it kept pecking the enter key...over and over and over again...PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!:eek:


Botach appears to have sold out again so H&K is free to raise the price back up to $699 again. Free Market Rules!


Personally, I was waiting for his "BOGO" sale.

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Super fast shipping! Thanks..


If I had a source for these things I'd be making a bunch of money too... And the pricing fluctuations suck for those who bought them at 800+ but why charge any less than what people are willing to pay? I bought one on gunbroker for 7xx last year and picked this one up for a friend...

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