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Frontsite Tactical Shotgun Training

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It's amazing how front sight stirs up so much emotions and opinions from people that have not been through the classes. I have read from many sources that fs is a great place for new shooters. It works out for me because my family will be having fun in Vegas while I attend the four day class. I'll see them after my classes and eat at the Wynn buffet. It cost under $100 and I am not buying any membership there. After I improve my skills I will save up for a $800-1000 class. I am not becoming a scientologist or allowing ET to touch me. I just see it as a good opportunity to learn shotgunning while my family is doing something fun as well. If someone who actually attended have something to share, please do so. It's pretty lame to read gossip about a cult religion or aliens unless something happened to you and not your uncle's neighbor heard from someone that read on the Internet somewhere story. We might as well go watch desperate housewives for so much gossip. I would really like to read about shotgun training experiences for any courses you guys been at and Benelli tips during a class type info. That would be good reading. Thanks to all that contributed about suggested equipment. I'm looking at the micro rig now and might pick one up for class.

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I did a search and posted 8 various review links for Front Sight...it seems that the general consensus is that Front Sight is a first class valid, well run firearms offensive/defensive training facility with knowledgeable instructors and recommended by all.:)

I would recommend the CALGUN link as a first read. Many comments about Front Sight with no mention of Scientology Boogy Men.:eek:

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2340......very well stated my man. I feel exactly the same way and that is the reason I started this string in the first place. Yet, I still haven't heard from anyone who has been through the course who can tell me what I need in the way of other equipment - knee pads, elbow pads....ammo carry pouches...etc...etc - which was part of the reason I started this.


Can any one help us out here with the exception of the one fellow who I will contact this weekend. Thanks for the number my man.....

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