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Surefire M80 Forend

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Hi everyone. I've read in the past that the Surefire Forend has issues fitting the M4 properly. Is this still a problem? I just got my M4 yesterday and am trying to decide if I should put this forend on my gun.


I'm also planning to install a CC Titanium full-length tube and follower, as well as a Sidearmor Short Rail w/ a 6 round side mount shell holder.


Thanks for your help.

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Why not skip it and just get the full sidearmor? If it's about compliance, then wait to put the titanium tube on until after Freedom Fighter Tactical comes out with their made in the USA set.


There are now so many new ways to do the m4.

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I had one. But I returned it. I find the factory handguards to be vastly more comfortable. I also hated where NY mounted items ended up on the rail. The light for example would end up interfering with the placement of my hand.


With or without rail covers it felt too big. Like holding onto a pringles can. It added some weight too. Any reduction gained with the titanium tube would be lost to it.


It's only real redeeming value was it counted towards 922 parts compliance.

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I'm waiting for Freedom Fighter Tactical to release their stock reproduction unit. For now, I'm back to stock. The Sidearmor rail is a better rail system for mounting lights. They are working on a smaller minimalist version that offers just the side mounts via a barrel clamp that doesn't interfere with disassembly.

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