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What three guns would you take into battle/survival situations

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I've been thinking about getting one of those high-quality hunting crossbows, but I've come to the conclusion that a simple .22 rifle is far easier to carry, with about ten times the ammo of a crossbow and more deadly and precise on longer ranges.


So no crossbow for me.

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the main guy in the movie THE ROAD would still be alive if he would have had one of these instead of using up all his energy pushing a stupid supermarket cart all around. Note to all - when society breaks down don't be using no supermarket cart to haul your stash, since it basically goes against all common sense in a survival situation - get one of these and have your kids hump it. - or the elusive druish princess if you have by then met her and married her.... lol (thank you strangerdanger for burning that into my brain)

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Atrox, you're a man after my own heart. I love the SCAR 17s and can't wait until I get one. Until I do, I'm watching every video and reading every article on it I can find. I've even stooped so low as to watch a few airsoft clone videos.


I'm thinking about getting the black one, but the classic flat dark earth one is pretty choice as well.


Accurate, lightest felt recoil of any .308, and will eat any ammo without fail. Sounds like a winner to me! Love the folding stock for backpacking and storage. I just can't say enough about this rifle. I'm as excited about this rifle as I was with my Benelli M4. I hope I'll be as satisfied with it as I was with the Benelli.

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This post was a catalyst for thinking things through. For all of you that are still young enjoy the idea of a bug out bag and camping in the tetons. I think unless you live there you won't get there. People will form road blocks on all interstate and roads leading out of towns and cities and take your stuff before you get anywhere even if you had gas which you won't in a shtf deal. - handguns - a must need with big mags - shotguns wonderful ( see movie (straw dogs) for defending a home (plus a bear trap) - rifle - if you going to shoot your food makes sense - not good for when the zombie are storming your home unless you have many mags and other family members defending all possible entry points - thinking zombies as in rioting crowds - everything will be fine until they throw gas bombs at you house - all this has led me into buying a ar type pistol round 45 ar and a good old lever 357 - interchangable with handgun ammo - As we see from the show walking dead and movie The Road - ammo is a big deal - the problem is meeting up with groups who are working together to take you out.. I am sorry but there is no way around it - Hungry people will do anything to eat - the movie The trigger effect was based on a real theme that psychologists studied that said society with no power or resources will break down within 72 hours - once the rodney king verdict was read how long did it take for parts of LA to collapse - and OJ walked free just for that reason they didn't want a repeat. Thats my take on things - use long big ace bandages to strap as many hand guns as you can to your person and carry two light weight rifles - you might have to put them down when you go in the kitchen or bathroom. lol


All good points.

If you like reading Sci-Fi, pick up a copy of "Lucifers Hammer" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Aside from some practical view points, it shows how quickly things can go to Heck in a Handbasket after a major catastrophe.

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That being said..

I would take a pistol, 9mm,.40 or ,.45, whichever I have handy. I carried a pistol on my hip for months in the desert. You get used to it fast. Px4 series are decent. Or a Sig.


A decent carbine, AR-style if I had to, 6.8mm. Nothing fancy, without 10 pounds of extra crap hanging on the picatinny rails (how useful will that flashlight or laser be without batteries?) Reflex site, or an Acog if I can get it. Either that or a Cx4, same caliber as the pistol. I will not pretend I am good enough for a long range duel.


A shotgun. 12gauge, (18in barrel to keep weight down).


But I would also have a decent knife or two a sling-shot (as long as you find decent rocks, there is always ammo) and some fishing line.

I would trap and kill as little as possible with the firearms. Ammo will be hard to get.

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I keep tipping back and forth between the Scar 17 and a LaRue OBR. I keep siding with the Scar because the LaRue would turn into a 6k boondoggle. Plus the Scar is seriously light weight.


All this being said: I took my co-workers SCAR-H with ACOG TA11 an SF M600 scout light and weighed it compared to out the box LMT .308 16" bbl and the SCAR was still 1/2 pound lighter than the LMT .308

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All this being said: I took my co-workers SCAR-H with ACOG TA11 an SF M600 scout light and weighed it compared to out the box LMT .308 16" bbl and the SCAR was still 1/2 pound lighter than the LMT .308


Exactly my point. I'm a huge fan of the MRP platform, however the 308 version is just too damn heavy.


The 556 version is an awesome platform.


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Stranger Danger,


Nice weapons. Been reading your posts for weeks now...thanks for all the great info...always well researched and thoroughly accurate.


Just got my two M4's. Ordered two c-stocks as well. Wondering...is it possible to shoot the M4 with the stock fully collapsed if you moved your T-1 forward on the rail? Obviously this couldn't be done if you were using iron sights, and the pistol grip would not be in the optimal position either. But it would shorten the length by about 3 inches from mid position, and would move the center of gravity further aft. I doubt it'll work....put if it did, it would be pretty slick.


Certainly the mid-position would be optimum otherwise.

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